Books with Sound

As an audio engineer, I have always cringed a bit when I hear books with built in sound. The sound quality is always going to be terrible on tiny speakers, and they are often shrill and hard to understand. I also think some imagination is lost – just like watching … Read more

Toddler Books About Robots

It might seem odd to read about robots on a blog about sound… but I’m a mom in tech and my toddler is obsessed with robots! You can use robots as a way to get a toddler to listen and verbalize sounds (which helps with speech development). You can talk … Read more

Books for young kids about sound

The Listening Walk by Paul Showers A young girl goes on a walk with her dad and her dog, Major. She calls it a Listening Walk and talks about all the sounds she hears. She says, “On a Listening Walk I do not talk. I listen to all the different … Read more

Books for toddlers about Sound & Listening

Toddlers can learn basic concepts about sound through books and reading. For example, toddlers can learn the difference between loud and quiet, how to listen or when to use an indoor voice versus outdoor voice. These books can be a great way to start talking about these topics. Loud and Quiet … Read more