What Do You Hear Game

Toddlers and preschoolers love scavenger hunts. It adds interest to going to the park or being on a walk or even finding something to do in the backyard. In this game, we’re using a chart to start listening for common sounds heard outside like a car, birds, or a cat. … Read more

Expecting parents: What you need to know about sound and babies

When you’re preparing a baby, the typical things you think about buying are a crib, toys, and diapers. As a mom who’s worked in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, here’s some advice about things you probably haven’t thought of. You don’t have to stop going to loud places … Read more

Popular toys that can damage your child’s hearing 2018

The Sight & Hearing Association has released their 2018 list of noisy toys. These aren’t just toys that are annoyingly loud, though. These are toys that have been tested and found to be so loud they could cause hearing damage. The worst offender this year is toy for infants. They’re also toys you … Read more

5 ways to protect babies hearing

Hearing damage doesn’t just happen from being at a loud rock concert. There’s things in our homes and every day life that can cause hearing damage to adults – and to babies. Is a baby’s hearing more sensitive? Babies are more susceptive to hearing damage (and ear infections) than adults … Read more

Hearing protection for children

Hearing protection for children of all ages is important because hearing damage from loud sounds is permanent. Children under the age of 5 are more susceptible to hearing damage so it’s especially crucial to protect their ears. Hearing protection can also make loud environments more comfortable for children with sensory issues … Read more

Is it safe to kiss your baby’s ears?

Do you like to kiss baby ears? Unfortunately, it’s possible for a kiss to the ear to cause hearing damage. It’s not just a risk to babies – it could happen to anyone – even an adult being kissed by a child. Babies have small ears and ear canals which … Read more

Popular toys that can damage your child’s hearing 2017

Just because a major company releases a toy doesn’t mean it’s safe for your kid’s ears. All toys have to undergo acoustic testing and meet requirements (set by the American Society of Testing and Materials, or ASTM). The problem is the way that kids play with toys (how close a … Read more

Teen hearing loss (and how to prevent it)

Teen hearing loss has become a growing problem especially as earbuds have grown in popularity. As many as 1 in 6 adolescents have high frequency hearing loss (because of exposure to loud noises such as music played through headphones). Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson (“Seattle Mama Doc”) has an excellent article … Read more

How loud is too loud for kids?

It’s important for adults to understand what sounds are too loud for kids and what to do about it. Hearing damage (from exposure to loud sounds) is permanent – but we can help prevent it. Three steps to protect your children’s ears (and your ears) from loud sounds Check how … Read more

Are public hand dryers too loud for kids?

High-speed hand dryers in public restrooms are a convenience with an annoying side effect: they are loud! Are they loud enough to do hearing damage to a child who is standing right next to it? The short answer is possibly. [Update: My response used to be no – but after … Read more